1 IMG 6586 600px colourlock leathercare leather repair new zealandColourlock Leathercare Ltd is a New Zealand-based company specialising in leather care products. Innovative Kiwi entrepreneurs with international business experience and expertise in innovation and problem-solving established the company.



Our story began in a small shed in Lower Hutt, Wellington, when a Kiwi leather technician and an Industrial chemist patented formulas for some leather care products.

fadegard conditioner small 500x500These products were unique in focusing on "functional leather care" instead of applying oils, waxes, or simple stain-proofing that have little or no positive effect on modern pigmented leathers.

The real problems of cracking, shrinkage, and fading through heat and light, soiling, and friction damage were addressed. The product was named after its ingredients ‒ UV filters and antioxidants ‒ which were included to safeguard against intense sun exposure. ‘Colourlock' ‒ as in ‘locking in the colour' ‒ was thus born.

This product is now sold in NZ as Fadegard Leather conditioner.


The world's largest furniture manufacturer, IKEA, approved the Colourlock products after more than two years of testing.

Soon after that, the primary manufacturer of the product redirected its attention to central Germany, where it established a factory in collaboration with Lederzentrum GmbH. This strategic move allowed the company to be situated in close proximity to significant prospective clients.

By working in close collaboration with several automobile manufacturers and using new technologies, more products were developed, such as Leather Shield, which large chemical companies have now copied.


Mercedes approved the products for use in production factories worldwide. Volkswagen also began selling the products under its own branding after 200 hours of laboratory testing and two years of road testing.

Colourlock Leather Cleaner and Leather Shield are now the official VW leather care products worldwide.

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BMW approved the products for use on their vehicles, and they are used to clean and repair customer claims on BMW leather throughout Europe. The VW Group began supplying Colourlock Leather Cleaner in a sachet with every model sold with leather.

Present Day

Colourlock products for furniture are sold in over 75 countries worldwide, and Colourlock products for automotive leather are used in the manufacturing and service of all the major car brands in Europe.

Some of the most well-known bag and clothing brands in Europe use and sell Colourlock products under their own labels.

Colourlock products have also been approved for use in the production of high-end automobiles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Recaro, Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, VW, GM, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and others.

Leather Shield and Leather Cleaner are also utilised by SwissVax, the exclusive Swiss car-care manufacturer and the authorised provider of Rolls Royce's maintenance products.

Why Choose Colourlock

Colourlock Leather Care products are designed to solve problems and prevent damage. The company has subjected its products to extensive testing in Germany and Scandinavia, giving users confidence in their environmental impact and safety.

The products are analysed and certified annually by TÜV Rhineland, the largest independent German testing Institute, to maintain Scandinavian and German safety requirements. Rigorous testing has confirmed that the products are also suitable for allergy sufferers and children.

Our success is attributed to our commitment to excellence in product design and innovation, quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to addressing the real problems of cracking, shrinkage and fading through heat and light, soiling and friction damage has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.

As we continue to expand our reach and improve our offerings, Colourlock Leathercare Ltd is poised to remain a leader in the leather care industry for years to come. Feel free to browse our shop and order your leather care products today. 

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