fadegard conditioner small 500x500Is your leather lounge suite prone to fading, or is it sitting in full sun?

Fadegard Leather Conditioner from Colourlock Leather Care was developed by New Zealand and German leather technicians with a specific feature in mind - combatting the harsh UV rays that are common in New Zealand, Northern Europe, and Scandinavia. It is now sold worldwide in over 75 countries. 

Fadegard Leather Conditioner consists of a creamy lotion containing several ultraviolet filters with synthetic conditioning, moisturising agents, and active ingredients that help reduce friction and reduce fading. 

So, is it really that effective?

If you own leather, using Colourlock’s Fadegard Leather Conditioner regularly is a simple yet effective solution to ensuring that your leather items are not only protected from colour fading, but also moisturised to minimise dryness and wrinkling. Fadegard Leather Conditioner also helps to maintain the pH balance of your leather items, inhibiting potential mildew and bacteria that can accumulate on leather. 

With its non-toxic and non-allergenic raw materials, you can rest assured that Fadegard Leather Conditioner is also safe to use and has been tested and verified to ensure that it reflects the highest standards. 

In fact, its effectiveness has been independently verified by the Research Institute of Textile Services, proving that its ability to retain leather suppleness and prevent colour fading is successful. Additionally, its ability to minimise dry-rub damage has also been verified by the Leather and Shoe Research Association of New Zealand.

Application and uses of Fadegard Leather Conditioner

Regular application of Fadegard Leather Conditioner is recommended for effective results. In particular, it must be applied evenly using a clean, soft cloth, working into the leather in a circular motion. 

  • Furniture - Regular use slows down sun fade while moisturising and protecting the leather. Excellent for semi-aniline or aniline-dyed leathers.
  • Clothing - Excellent moisturiser for leather clothing - jackets, skirts and trousers, even shoes and bags, while protecting against fading. 
  • Automotive interiors - leather car seats, whilst certainly luxurious and appealing to look at, are also vulnerable to friction and dry-rubbing, potentially causing the leather to wrinkle, crack and fade in colour over time; Fadegard Leather Conditioner reduces this damage, protecting and moisturising the leather surface. 

Fadegard Leather Conditioner is an effective product to use for most leather items. For more information or if you have further questions about Colourlock Leather Care’s Fadegard Leather Conditioner, please get in touch with us today.

Browse our collection of Fadegard Leather Conditioners online - available in sizes 375ml and 200ml.

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