Whether its your lounge suite or your car, the experts recommend to clean, protect and condition your leather regularly, every 3-4 months. Leather is a type of skin, just like our skin, and how often do we wash and moisturize our face’s and body’s? If we don’t, dirt, oils and soiling build up, damaging the protective layer and top coats of the leather. Cleaning is especially important on headrest and arm rest areas, which get a lot of body contact. eg. the favorite TV chair, or drivers car seat.

faded couch 1 colourlock leathercare leather repair

Then we need to condition or moisturize the leather, otherwise, just like the skin on our face, it will dry out, crack and wrinkle. Colourlock Fadegard Leather Conditioner also protects against the harmful effects of the sun – fading and cracking, while at the same time moisturizing and nourishing the leather.

Lastly we need to protect the leather from wear, friction damage and on light coloured leather – dye transfer. Colourlock Leather Shield, our leather protector, does this by using revolutionary nano technology, which puts a barrier of microscopic balls on the surface of the leather, buffering against nasty friction and dyes.