Leather Shield Protector 200ml

$29.95NZD each

Colourlock Leather Shield Protector® is a unique lotion, designed to protect and reduce friction damage on high contact areas, (leading edges on car seats, seat, arm and headrest areas on furniture) and also minimise and inhibit colour and dye transfer from clothing and textiles onto leather and vinyl surfaces.

It achieves this by modifying the surface of the top coat polymers with tiny (100 nanometre) particles and additives, buffering the surface against friction damage and clothing dyes.

Developed in Germany for the auto and furniture industries, and used by many world-leading automakers and furniture manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Colourlock Leather Shield® is ideally suited for use on car seats, furniture, leather clothing and bags.

Available in 200ml bottles.

Where is Leather Shield Protector used today?

  • All BMW Dealers in Germany and Switzerland use Leather Shield Protector.
    Geneva Auto Fair – all BMW car seats are treated to minimise damage and discolouration.
  • BMW AG has approved Leather Shield Protector as the service solution for entry areas of new cars.
  • Mercedes AMG use Leather Shield Protector and it is part of the Mercedes approved repair system.
  • Daimler Chrysler use Leather Shield Protector for fleet vehicles and customer service.
  • Volkswagen use Leather Shield Protector and cleaner worldwide as their official care and protection system.
  • VW Auto city Wolfsburg – Display leather car seats are protected with Leather Shield Protector.
  • Leather Shield is used in Lamborgini, Bugatti, Maybach, and Aston Martin seat production.
  • Used by Recaro in Porsche and Audi seat production.
  • Bentley and VW Phaeton use Leather Shield Protector.
  • Leather Shield Protector and cleaner are recommended by SwissVax, exclusive Swiss carcare maker and official supplier of Rolls Royce care products.
  • Lufthansa Airlines Uses Leather Shield Protector.
  • All new McDonalds and McCafe’s in Europe use Leather Shield Protector.
  • Sold in major Furniture stores throughout Europe.

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