Leather Fresh Colour Toner

$39.90NZD each
Choose a Toner Colour:

Comes with:

  • 150ml Leather Fresh
  • Sponge applicator
  • Full instructions

Leather Fresh is a water based, easy to use, leather colour toning system. So now, anyone can freshen up their leather at home.

Choose the colour that most closely matches your leather:

Colourlock Leather Fresh Colour Matching Chart leather repair

Why is it called a toning system? Because the amount of colour in the Leather Fresh bottle is about 20%, the rest is a combination of leather binders and top coat sealers.

The less Leather Fresh applied, the lighter the colour, the more layers or applications, the darker the colour, so you can shade, or adjust the colour easily to match.

Leather Fresh seals and colours scuffs, scratches, abrasions, surface wear and fading. Leather that is worn, has light surface cracking, or is faded and damaged, can now easily be restored and recoloured to an optimum look, feel and colour.

Whether it is a favourite armchair, a lounge suite that has seen better days or your car’s drivers seat, starting to wear.

Note – Not suitable for Bonded or Bycast leather.