Protect your leather from dye staining and friction damage with Colourlock Leather Shield surface Protector.

Having problems with staining or discolouration on your leather sofa, car seat, bags or accessories? Want to protect your new leather furniture or the leather interior in your new car? Colourlock Leather Shield Protector offers an easy and safe way to prevent dye or colour staining from materials like denim and newsprint, from penetrating the surface of leather and also helps to reduce wear and friction damage on leather surfaces.

How does it work? Leather Shield buffers against friction damage by modifying the surface of the top coat polymers with tiny (100 Nanometre) particles and additives, effectively creating a high tech barrier between the surface and friction causing articles. It forms a barrier to reduce clothing dye and sweat migration into light coloured leather surfaces.

Colourlock Leather Shield Protector is NOT a leather cleaner – use it BEFORE the leather surface gets dirty or damaged and AFTER CLEANING to create a protective barrier and reduce soiling and damage. This does not mean that cleaning becomes unnecessary, but it will be more effective and cleaning products can be less aggressive and still achieve good results. Leather Shield Protector is a leather care product that will need to be re-applied on a regular basis and after any cleaning process. As with all leather care products applied to leather or any other material, the Leather Shield Protector must be pre-tested in an inconspicuous area. Apply with a clean lint-free cloth, gently wiping the leather protector  over a clean, dust-free surface with circular movements to ensure an even coverage of the whole surface.


• Helps prevent colour staining and visual deterioration by up to 90%

• Also reduces surface damage through friction (wear and tear) especially on seams.

• Performs even in extreme conditions (-40°C to 130°C)

Colourlock Leather Shield Protector  is tested and verified by the British Leather Council and the Leather & Shoe Research Association of New Zealand.

What is Colourlock Leather Shield Protector? Colourlock Leather Shield Protector is a two in one leather protector, It significantly reduces staining from denim whilst protecting leather against damage caused by friction and wear.

Where to use Colourlock Leather Shield Protector?  Colourlock Leather Shield Protector can be used on any leather (except suede and nubuck), especially useful on lighter coloured leather, where staining is more visual. Use in high contact areas, seat cushions, arms, car seats. Colourlock Leather Shield Protector can also be used on vinyls.

Denim and dye staining on leather is a big problem affecting a range of industries worldwide, including the automotive, upholstery and fashion sectors. The British Leather Council has seen a significant increase in the number of clients’ products affected by denim staining, especially on lighter coloured leathers, where staining from dark coloured jeans, is more visually prominent. Denim staining can occur within minutes of contact. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be extremely challenging to remove. The level of product returns and customer complaints, is unknown, but denim staining on leather, is a global problem, regularly affecting products such as leather car interiors, upholstery, handbags, accessories and footwear. Ultimately, any leather product which comes into contact with denim, is a potential target. Denim staining is a problem for all levels of the leather supply chain, from leather manufacturers through to retailers. The cost and time involved in replacing products is significant. Understanding why denim staining occurs, and ways to prevent denim staining, should be understood at all levels of the leather supply chain.

One solution to denim staining is Colourlock Leather Shield surface protector. It is a new formulation, which protects against staining from denim jeans. It can be applied on all leather surfaces (except suede and nubuck) and is also effective on vinyls. Colourlock Leather Shield Protector is a two in one leather protector, significantly reducing staining from denim, whilst protecting leather against damage caused by friction and wear.

How to use Colourlock Leather Shield Protector? Always test on a small area first. Shake well before use. Apply lightly across the surface area with a lint free cloth and allow to dry. Re-apply every 3 months. Car interiors and leather sofas may require more frequent application. Keep out of reach of children.